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Keep Bugs at Bay with Soyweet Relief!

Keep Bugs at Bay with Soyweet Relief!

Summer nights bring starry skies, bonfires, cool breezes … and mosquitos and other pesky insects. Enjoying warm summer evenings becomes difficult when you have these little bugs nipping at your arms and ankles, which is why an effective bug repellent is so important.


Many commercial bug repellants use ingredients like DEET as their main ingredient. It turns out, though, that using natural, non-toxic ingredients, such as soy and essential oils, proves just as effective in deterring insects.


According to Natural News and Healthline, evidence suggests that soybean oil-based repellants provide longer-lasting protection than citronella-based products. Soybean oil is safe to use due to its low dermal toxicity, notes a study published by the National Institutes of Health, and when mixed with lemongrass, the combination successfully wards off several mosquito species.


Some other common natural mosquito repellent ingredients include lemon eucalyptus oil, which Healthline notes provided a protection efficacy of more than 95 percent against mosquitoes for three hours in a recent study. The combination used for the research was a repellent that contained 32 percent lemon eucalyptus oil. Lavender also produces a fragrance and oil that repels mosquitoes. This oil also has analgesic and antiseptic qualities, meaning it calms and soothes the skin.


Catnip oil is another natural mosquito repellent, and according to a study mentioned in Healthline, was found to be 10 times more effective than DEET. This oil can repel mosquitoes effectively for about two to three hours.


Looking for a product with all of these natural ingredients and more? Soyweet Relief from Soy of Life is an all-natural insect spray that is safe to use and effective for deterring insects. As a 100 percent natural, chemical-free and nontoxic spray, Soyweet Relief uses properties of essential oils as an alternative to ingredients like DEET. Additionally, Soyweet Relief combines these oils with botanicals to give users a skin softener, antiseptic and insect spray all in one.


This summer, turn to a natural alternative to more toxic repellents and keep those bugs at bay all summer long with Soyweet Relief. Order yours today online, or call us today at 877-SOY-FOR-U today to learn more!