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Coffee Is Good for Your Skin

24732122_SThere are many ways to keep your hair and skin healthy, including our many products, but what doesn’t get talked about too much (in our opinion) is food. Food has an enormous amount of impact not just on our weight or health, but how our face actually looks, how well it glows. According to experts, coffee, watermelon, pomegranates, blueberries, lobster, kale, eggs, walnuts, avocado, and cantaloupe help people look young and fresh. Some of those may seem like obvious choices (fruit, we’re looking at you!), but others are a bit more of a surprise (coffee, really?!?).

We rely on coffee for a lot of things, primarily the boost in energy it gives us every morning, but also because it simply looks cool when you’re sitting in the corner of some café while reading a cool book. So there’s that, but that’s not all our favorite morning drink can do. According to this article, “Perhaps one of the most surprising health benefits of coffee is that it can reduce the risk of skin cancer. According to a study carried out by Jiali Han, associate professor at Harvard, coffee reduces the risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, which is actually the most popular form of skin cancer.”

While we pride ourselves on our soy moisturizers and skin care products, coffee being that good for the skin really caught us by surprise. It makes us want to rush to whatever Starbucks is closest and gorge ourselves on all the coffee they have. We suppose this summer you should fill your picnic baskets with summer fruits that are good for you and on your way to the park, be sure to load up on that fountain of youth coffee! And remember, our products are the best in the industry and are guaranteed to make your skin glow in ways you never thought possible, kind of like taking a coffee bath!

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