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How Soy Keeps Skin Healthy During the Winter Season

Skincare ProductsWinter is right around the corner. Unfortunately, during the cold weather, keeping moist and glowing skin can be even more of a challenge than normal. Your skin has a more difficult time of restoring itself in dry and subzero temperatures, and the constant transition from cold outdoors to warm temperatures inside only further drains your skin’s protective barrier, leading to dry and cracked skin.

Soy is a great way to rejuvenate your skin in the winter season without causing it to get greasy. As a great and natural treatment for dry skin, soy can help refresh your skin and help it look and feel great even in the rough cold weather.

Soy also contains lipids than reduce aging, and studies have also shown that the vitamin E in soy can help increase the repair of damaged tissue. A Japanese study published in 2007 showed that soy could help repair skin elasticity, reports Livestrong. Your skin could snap back close to its original status instead of sagging. That means that appearance of wrinkles could be reduced, helping not only to keep your skin healthy, but looking younger, as well.

The study even showed that it could help reverse certain symptoms of sun damage. Symptoms included skin roughness, discoloration and fine lines. Soy can even out a person’s skin tone. This can make it one of the more appealing moisturizing products to use on the market. It’s natural and it can help combat aging? It sounds too good to be true!

Using a product like our Soy Shea and our Soft as Silk after showering will help you win the winter dryness battle. Using these in conjunction with proper layering, our soy-based skin care products will help your skin stay moist, not greasy. Soy can even be used in eye cream, like in our popular Eye Promise. The power of soy is something to be shared, and you’ll be amazed at the results you see when you use our product.

Are you interested in using soy to keep your skin healthy this winter? Shop our online store now and what options we have available or learn more about any of our products by calling us today at 877-SOY-FOR-U.

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