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How to Care for Problem Skin in the Winter

The weather and our skin have an intimate relationship, almost like a combination of the best of friends but also the worst of enemies. Similar to those closest in our lives, when they change all hell breaks loose and it can have some large effects on our lives. Think of our skin and the weather as having a similar relationship; when the seasons change or when the weather is erratic, our skin is affected. Now that we’re in November and snow is starting to percolate in the skies above certain areas, it’s clear that the coldness and crispness will change how our skin feels.

Carrie Ruehlman of Weleda sums it up best: “In the fall, when the temperatures drop and wind and rain strain our skin, it may need some extra pampering. The change of season always affects our skin. While summer air is more humid and moisture-rich, the cold, dry air in fall and winter leaves our skin dehydrated, flaky and rough. You might notice more dry spots, especially in the T-zone (the area around your nose, chin and forehead). This is usually an indicator that your skin needs extra moisturizing and protecting.”

Well said Ms. Carrie! The problem with going from season to season is that our bodies need time to adjust, our skin needs time to sleeve themselves against the elements, and that means we need to take extra care of it when we’re behind closed doors. That means purchasing some of skincare products from Soy of Life so that we shine as swiftly and beautifully like snow angels decoding themselves in front lawns of ice. The glitter and clearness of their faces and bodies remind us that there is a purity inside us that desperately needs a release. These skincare products assist with that process, all while helping support our natural shine. We can’t think of any better gift for yourself this holiday season!

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