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Five Reasons Soy is the Best Choice for Your Skin

We’re assaulted with ads on the internet and television every day that promote an abundance of skin care products, unfortunately all too often the list of ingredients is a mile long without one word that can be pronounced. Men and women of all ages have become educated and are much more aware now that the skin is a living organ that requires care and maintenance.

Soy has landed in the mainstream spotlight, though its beneficial properties have been utilized throughout the Eastern world for ages. Soy of Life products contain anti-aging botanicals and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, both known for their natural and effective healing properties.

Here are five more great reasons why soy is the best choice for your skin:

Soy Strengthens the Skin’s Connective Tissue

Using soy on your skin strengthens its connective tissue, which restores the skin’s elasticity and assists in the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles that normally occur around the eyes and lip area as we age.

Soy Helps to Fade Age Spots

Soy is full of antioxidants, which help to rid the skin of age spots and even out the complexion, creating a smooth skin tone and youthful glow.

Soy is a “Smart” Moisturizer

Soy is nicknamed the “smart” moisturizer because it has the ability to treat dry areas of the skin while balancing the skin’s oily areas. Many people have a combination of skin needs in different places on the body, which makes soy the best balancing ingredient as it acts as a moisturizer and toner in one convenient product.

Soy has No Harmful Hormonal Effects

The good news for those who are entering the aging process is that soy does not contain any harmful hormonal agents that could be absorbed through the skin into the body. Women, in particular, can find it especially difficult to keep hormones balanced as they grow older, and soy skin care products won’t disrupt the body’s natural hormone balancing act.

Soy Helps to Increase the Production of Collagen

The production of collagen wanes as we age, which can decrease our skin’s ability to ward off wrinkles and fine lines. Using soy on the skin – particularly during the menopausal stage – can increase our chances of maintaining smooth, healthy and glowing skin.

The Soy of Life skincare line uses all organic ingredients, including all-natural, non-GMO soy. We take pride in offering products that are proven effective and gentle on the skin. Our commitment to bringing you a premium skincare line is important to us, because we pride ourselves in providing a product that works to promote healthy and radiant skin, while also being safe for your skin and your body. Take a look at our full line of skin care products today, or give us a call at 877-SOY-FOR-U.

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