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Benefits of Buying From a Small Business

Benefits of Buying From a Small Business

This is something to think about this on Small Business Saturday!!! The popularity of small businesses has spiked in recent years, and for good reason! There are many benefits of buying from a small business over a major company or corporation. So why should you skip the big chains and head to a local merchant instead?

Better customer service

To be successful and stand out, small businesses will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy. Without all the red tape of a big company to wade through, small businesses have more opportunity to meet with their customers frequently and use their feedback to make adjustments to the business whenever they need to. They also don’t have as many strict rules to abide by, so they can make special allowances for their customers that bigger businesses wouldn’t be able to. Small business also typically have a smaller staff, which makes every employee a true team player and often results in a family-like feel, which customers will pick up on and feel comforted by.

Better products

You’re not likely to find a small business that skimps on quality. Small businesses take pride in their products and are committed to high-quality offerings. They won’t cut corners just to meet their bottom line. Small businesses are where you’ll find the best blend of local and authentic products that will stand the test of time.

Here at Soy of Life, we take pride in our small business and offer a premium, natural and organic, soy-based skin care line formulated with spa-quality botanical extracts, therapeutic-grade essential oils and clinically proven natural actives to nourish the skin and make it healthier, radiant and more youthful looking! Contact us today to learn more about our products and place an order!

Eight Benefits of Soy for Your Skin

Our soy-based skincare products are not only all-natural, they are packed full of ingredients that are good for your skin and have lasting effects to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Soy is a very special ingredient, and its uses seem to be never-ending! Here are eight simple but impactful benefits that you’ll enjoy… Continue Reading