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Eight Benefits of Soy for Your Skin

Healthy SkinOur soy-based skincare products are not only all-natural, they are packed full of ingredients that are good for your skin and have lasting effects to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Soy is a very special ingredient, and its uses seem to be never-ending! Here are eight simple but impactful benefits that you’ll enjoy from using a soy-based topical product on your skin.


According to Style Craze, soybeans have just the right kind of properties to keep your skin full of moisture, but not looking greasy. Products that contain soybeans can be applied to both dry and oily skin a few times per week to help your skin look and feel healthier.


Soy also contains properties that will keep your skin looking young and healthy which will reduce signs of aging. Applying a soy-based lotion just a few days each week can be used to combat the effects of aging on the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is good for your skin in many ways. Most people who are described as having “radiant” skin are getting their fair share of Vitamin E, and soybeans are chock full of this healthy vitamin.


If you have puffy or tired looking skin, soybeans can help it appear firmer and younger. This is because it helps promote collagen production, an important part of skin’s elasticity.

Sun Damage

Livestrong says soybeans can also help to reduce the appearance of sun damage, like age spots and scars from sunburns. This is due to something called an isoflavone in soy which showed positive results when tested on mice affected by UV ray damage.

Even Skin Tone

According to Soy Connection, if you have redness or blotchiness caused by rosacea or allergies, soy can help to reduce inflammation that causes it. This was tested in a 2007 study which showed people who participated and used soy skin moisturizer for 12 weeks showed significant improvements in their skin tone.

Evens Skin Texture

 Similarly, soy has been shown to even the texture of the skin. The collagen-boosting power of soy helps smooth lines, keep pores clear and reduce puffiness.

Rich in Lecithin

Lecithin is known to hydrate and repair the surface of the skin, due to its fatty acid content. Even better, this skin-improving element is abundant in soy.

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