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Reading the Roadmap of Your Skin

It’s important to know your body. When you go to the doctor’s it’s vital to know your health history, allergies, and the goals and concerns you may have. The same can be said for skin care. What products have worked and which ones haven’t. Here at Soy of Life we strive to create high-end skin products to keep you moisturized, radiant and healthy.

Navigating skin care is different for each individual. The texture of your skin can vary from dry to oily based on heredity, location, and overall treatment. Education on skin care starts with a consultation with an esthetician and is just as important as a yearly physical. Just ask Marjan Kashi of Pure Serenity Skin Care, “My process involves getting to know my clients, gaining a deeper understanding of their skin, setting them up with a proper foundation of home care and creating an individualized and ongoing treatment plan.”

Kashi says that each treatment is different, taking into account factors such as does the client smoke, how much do they sleep, fitness habits, and their level of day-to-day stress. Like most health concerns, they are not fixed overnight. “The goal is not a quick fix, but creating a lifetime of good skin care, a map that becomes part of your lifestyle and that is enjoyable and rejuvenating in and of itself.”


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